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  • Lincoln Mistress


A super sexy, open minded lady with a great imagination and a growing list of skills and passions. Always fair, always firm.

I have always felt, deep down, an inclination towards this world. The dark side, the taboo, the things none of us talk about in the light but we all think about….. in the dark.

Like most of us, I felt compelled to keep that hidden. Two decades had passed before I truly allowed my real self to emerge and to feel full liberation. And now that I have – let’s just say, these boots were made for stomping!!

There is no hard line between where I end and the service providing begins. This is who I am in the most authentic way and my passion comes across, it oozes out of me as you will see!!

I know who I am and I know what I enjoy but I am also really enjoying trying new things out, learning new skills, and being able to offer loads more in the realms of fun and debauchery…… and I am absolutely loving this experience and the journey I am on.

From domination, to power exchanges, to providing impact play! There are so many levels of service and areas of play that I have always been super curious about and once I edged the door open a little bit, I have been able to smash it down completely. And I have never ever looked back.
Domination is an attitude and a mindset above all else, however, knowing your way around a flogger or a bare bum also helps….

I have learned the power of being around like-minded people and not feeling judgement or shame about the things that we truly desire.

I’d like to create a safe space for other people to express themselves without any fear of judgement.

It may look like torture but it’s very delicious….. That power fuels me and my sexuality and my inner domination. I know how it feels to feel closeted and limited, I love being part of the reason why other people can also open their minds and have experiences that will change their lives forever. And of course… Keep coming back for more.

My experience is growing every day, safety is absolutely paramount and I will always be honest about what I expect and what I need in order for me to be able to provide the best possible.

My subs are very valuable and important to me.

I am very clear on what I expect from them, what their boundaries are, and I like to maintain a very clear cut

Lincoln Domme